Share the Message

We are a group of Humanities 6/7 students from Williamsburg Learning who want to spread the message of courage and kindness, but we cannot do this alone! We need your help to send this message throughout the world.

Our 2019 Message: 

 “Stand – Even if you stand alone.”

We need you to: Take a picture of yourself in a POWER POSE doing something you believe in! Then share it on social media using the hashtag:


Something you believe in could be cleaning up your neighborhood or practicing your religion, the possibilities are endless!

If you believe in KINDNESS feel free to share these amazing memes created by us!

Why share the kindness? Look at everyone. Don’t they have as much right live on this Earth as much as you do? They deserve love, as do you. Share one person kindness and watch the love spread!

Pass it along!

Share this message with everyone you know. Tell them to share it as well! Before long, the world will be a little bit nicer! Kindness is contagious. Keep it that way! After all…