Our Message

Williamsburg Intermediate students have been studying the Humanities subjects and travelling virtually around the world this year, learning all about different cultures, governments, and nations. At the end of it all, they asked themselves how can WE contribute to a better world, and what’s a message the whole world needs to hear? Here’s the message and action they’re sharing with the world:

“A single pebble can make a landslide. You can make a difference.”

Action: Carry around a pebble and do a random act of kindness,

         then tag someone with the pebble and challenge them to do the same!

We believe that everyone in this is the world is special and we want to do the best that we can to make our world a loving, caring place! Please help and share this message with friends and family! Please share with us what you have been doing! We want to hear from you! Through your hands, you can make a better world! So get active!

 Please go to our “sponsors” page to help us spread our message to the world!