Bienvenida! Bienvenue! 欢迎 Bem-vindo! 歓迎 Benvenuto!

Willkommen! 환영 Kuwakaribisha! स्वागत


Welcome to our Wave to the World Website! Thanks for visiting!

We are a group of Williamsburg Intermediate students ages 10-13 who are trying to spread an uplifting message with every country in the world, in just 24 hours! Read more about our goal below.

Our Message: “We can’t make a perfect world, but together we can make a better one!”

Want to watch  our wave spread across the world? Check it out here! (The wave officially starts at 9am MT on Tuesday, April 28th)

We’d like your help doing two things:

  • Go out and do something nice for a random person! Then, share what you did with us using our hashtag: #wavetotheworld
  • Share this message with your friends! Together we can make the world better, one kind act at a time!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013, we had a goal to send a message to the entire world (every single country) in 24 hours! We called this our “Wave to the World.”


To our knowledge, this had never been done before, but we wanted to try.

We enlisted the help of family and friends, and hoped that the ripple effect and the power of the message would take it across the planet.

They say it only takes seven people to find someone! Check Tracking the Wave to see where we made contact.

Here are the final stats from the wave:

  • Total countries that visited the website: 94
  • Total countries that received our message: 131
  • Total website visits in 24 hours: 3259 (average of 135 per hour)
  • Total website hits: 20,762
  • Total website comments: 264
  • Total youtube views: 947 (almost 1000!)
  • Facebook page: 205 likes
  • Facebook page: 19,567 views

The wave spread to every continent, even Antartica, and to all 50 of the United States. A huge thank you to everyone who spread the wave and made it such a wild success!

Wave to the World!

Middle school students at Williamsburg Intermediate have officially launched their Wave to the World! Help us make history by visiting our website, liking our Facebook page, Tweeting about us (#wave2world) and sharing with your friends. Our message is Stand up Stay true Stand Out and we hope to share this message with every country in the world in the next 24 hours. Spread the wave!

Tick Tock

The clock is ticking! Our students are working hard in their Wave to the World groups:

  • World Map group is expanding the number of contacts, and looking for people in every country who are willing to help!
  • Video group has begun recording our youtube video!
  • Our Logo group is refining their draft logos, and will have them ready to present for a final vote next week!
  • Our Website group is continuing to add items to the website and has revealed our message! Check it out here!
  • Our Social media group is developing a plan for using media like facebook, twitter etc. to quickly spread our message.
  • The Translation group has already translated our message into over 50 languages!
  • The Countdown Group: Is identifying potential challenges and creating a plan to respond to each challenge. 

Stay tuned for some exciting announcements next week when we reveal our logo and announce where the wave will start!

How our students are making it happen

In order to accomplish the lofty task of spreading a message around the whole world, our students are dividing into the following groups:

  • Logo – this group is responsible for developing our Wave to the World Logo and preparing it for multi-media sources.
  • Network: Social Media – this group identifies all the social media we will be using by creating a complete list, and creates a plan for how to make the most of each resource.
  • Network: World Map – this group determines where our message will start and the path it will take; this group is responsible for finding at least one contact in every country in the world.
  • Message: YouTube – This group is responsible to make a top-notch youtube video that will share our message with the world.
  • Website – this group focuses on helping create a top-notch website that looks good, is informative, and helpful!
  • Translation – This group makes sure our message is correctly translated into every language in the world!
  • Countdown Group – This is the “problem-finding” and “problem-solving” group. They use their analytic abilities to make a bullet-proof plan for getting our message around the world, telling who to do what, when, and implementing that plan.

General help – we greatly need people willing to spread the word on launch day! Please let us know if you can help spread the Wave! Email erin@williamsburged.org.

Willing to volunteer?

We need your help!

On April 23rd, send an email, share on facebook, send a text! We need your help spreading our message around the world in 24 hours. If you’re in, please like our page or join us in any of the following places:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

Mark your calendar, and spread the word! Please share our site with everyone you know! We want the world to know the power of youth who Stand Up, Stay True and Stand Out! Spread the Wave!