Bienvenida! Bienvenue! 欢迎 Bem-vindo! 歓迎 Benvenuto!

Willkommen! 환영 Kuwakaribisha! स्वागत


Welcome to our Wave to the World Website! Thanks for visiting!


We are a group of Williamsburg Intermediate students ages 10-14 who are trying to spread an uplifting message to every country in the world on April 25th, in just 24 hours! You can learn more about us at williamsburgacademy.org

Our message 

 “A single pebble can make a landslide, you can make a difference”

Watch our student-created videos to learn more about the vision behind this message:

Want to watch our wave spread across the world? Check it out here! (The wave officially starts at 7:00 AM, MT, on Tuesday, April 25th)

Watch our student created videos

  • Carry a pebble around and do acts of kindness. Then, give the pebble to someone else and ask that they do what you just did!
  • Share this message with your friends! A pebble can make a landslide, you can make a difference!
  • Check out our Facebook page, “WavetotheWorld”!